Last of the Innocents (part 1)

Moment in the park, as a child this could have become any landscape!

This morning I read an article Innocence Lost: What did you do before the Internet

The focus of the article was those of us born in the late 1970s, the last  generation to grow up completely without the Internet.

In a fit of Sunday morning nostalgia I got misty eyed about my childhood. My childhood was people with many different worlds and characters; unlike today though it wasn’t through video games (or even TV). No, my friends and I and an odyssey of Worlds from our imagination. 

Our bicycles could become horses, the garden shed a space ship, the possibilities were endless. One of my friends and I used to spend entire days in the woods near her house, which stopped being woods in Kent but could become any terrain anywhere.

Of course there was TV but we really didn’t watch that much. There was a computer too, which you had to sit and wait whilst it loaded first cartridges, progressing to tapes, and eventually floppy discs. So rudimentary, so basic, there was just better fun to be had.

We’d play games with dolls, or perhaps an epic adventure in space with the Star Wars figurines, even some Wild West adventures with the Playmobil fort and wigwams. The possibilities were only limited by our imaginations.

One thought on “Last of the Innocents (part 1)

  1. Let’s not forget the simple joys of a wigwam made of canes and blankets in the garden; the dressing-up box in the spare room; walking the dogs at One Tree Hill and the fields around Hadlow and playing Pooh sticks.


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